Gutters by Royal come in different styles, colors, designs too! But in the end they just need to do one thing, move the water away from your house! We can also install gutter guards by Alu Rex. Never go up on the roof to remove those nasty leaves from your gutters ever again!

We at JFS Roofing realize that the process of selecting a roofing contractor can be difficult and sometimes confusing.


* What should I look for?

* How do I know that I am getting a fair price?

* Will the work be done in a timely matter?


We will sit down with you, not only will you have a better sense of whom you are dealing with, but also we will explain what the estimate means, the difference between shingles, the underlayment, eaves trough, fascia, soffit, siding and all the warranties etc.


These days, vinyl siding is the most popular and most common siding material in Canada. At a relatively low cost, Royal siding provides an appealing look with virtually no maintenance required. You can choose almost any color imaginable, along with designs such as widths, shakes, board and batton styles etc.

Out with the old and IN with the new! It's time to get those leaks taken care of and the looks updated!

Our Services:


Like most materials, roofs get old and will need replacement. We use top quality brand shingles such as IKO, GAF, Owens Corning. We also install sky lights by Velux, and use Duraflo products for proper venting. There are lots of color choices and design options to fit any taste!

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